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UNIDACHS 850 scaling in the iron ore mine.

Move mountains - above and below ground

TML's success story is inextricably linked to mining and the special challenges of this industry. The prototype of our UNIDACHS product family was developed at the end of the 1950s specifically as a telescopic excavator for cleaning the belt conveyor systems in open-cast lignite mining. Their compact design and flexibly extendable telescopic arm enabled them to optimise the cleaning process and successfully dig and level below the conveyor belts. Since then, we have continuously developed and improved the machines. As a mine scaler and a very versatile machine in underground and open-cast mines, the UNIDACHS today supports you in your work efficiently, reliably and in a time-saving manner.

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Scaling and telescoping with a unique range of movement

The heart of our scaling machines is the flexible UNIDACHS telescopic boom technology: The robust boom can be rotated endlessly through 360°, including the operation of the boom, 5 movements can be made simultaneously. Perfect for reaching confined and hard-to-reach working areas. In addition, the telescoping of the boom enables precise and linear guidance of the tool during the scaling process. The internal telescopic cylinder and hydraulic hoses are safely protected from the ingress of dust and rocks, as the booms are fully enclosed and shielded. Whether you need a compact or heavy mining machine, with the variety of attachments, you benefit from a multi-functional machine that allows you to work more efficiently and save time with maximum safety above and below ground. 

UNIDACHS 220 in operation in a mine.

UNIDACHS 220 in operation in a mine.

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TML telescopic boom cleaning under conveyor belts in open pit mines.

Successfully in use in mining applications worldwide

As scalers and multifunctional machines in the mining industry, you can always rely on the excellent and low-maintenance product quality of the UNIDACHS: In open-cast coal mining in northern Macedonia, our telescopic boom is instrumental in cleaning under the conveyor belts and loads fallen material back onto the conveyor belts with the belt cleaning device attached to the telescopic boom. For scaling rock salt, gypsum, anhydrite, ore or limestone to secure the roof with hydraulic hammers or ripper teeth, mining companies from Russia to the USA rely on the unique quality of our telescopic technology.

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Quality and safety without compromise

The mining industry has high demands from man and machine. In view of the high risk of accidents and hazards, all of our UNIDACHS machines are equipped with the latest safety technology. We place particular emphasis on enabling work to be carried out at a safe distance from the danger zone: In addition to the telescopic arm, all of our machines are also available with radio remote control if required. In order to provide optimal protection for miners and machine operators alike, we offer a FOPS-protected upper cabin as standard on our products, as well as a comprehensive LED lighting package, which can be supplemented with the on-board fire extinguishing system, the dust protection system, rearview and birdview camera systems and warning zone lights.


Excavadora Unidachs 740 HeidelbergCement

UNIDACHS 740 scaling machine HeidelbergCement.

Areas of application below and above ground

Scaling of roofs, calottes and elms

  • Necessary re-positioning of the scaling machine reduced to a minimum
  • Telescopic boom for precise linear guidance of the attachments during the scaling process

Use in drift mining

  • Compact dimensions
  • 360° rotating telescopic boom for access to confined and difficult to reach working areas

Working in confined spaces and under the most difficult conditions

  • Accessibility to working areas, that tunnelling excavators and demolition robots cannot reach
  • Working the surfaces at almost any angle

Cleaning under conveyor belts

  • Cleaning of conveyor systems above and below ground
  • Returning fallen material to the conveyor belts

The UNIDACHS Product Family

Unidachs 1er Serie


Operating weight:
approx. 3 200 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 5 m
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Unidachs 2er Serie


Operating weight:
approx. 5 300 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 6 m
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Unidachs 3er Serie


Operating weight:
approx. 9 500 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 7.8 m
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Operating weight:
approx. 17 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 9 m
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Unidachs 5er Serie


Operating weight: approx.
21 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 9 m
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Unidachs 6er Serie


Operating weight:
approx. 30 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 9 m
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Unidachs 7er Serie


Operating weight:
approx. 33 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 12 m
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Unidachs 8er Serie


Operating weight:
approx. 42 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 16.0 m
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