Telescopic excavators and special machines for the toughest requirements in metallurgy, tunnelling, mining and construction

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Telescopic excavatior cleanig converter

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Since 1959, our experts have been planning, developing and manufacturing telescopic excavators with telescopic booms and machines that prove themselves day after day under the toughest conditions and set standards in quality and safety: From the metallurgical and steel industry to mining and tunnelling to special civil engineering as well as the construction and cement industries.

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In the metallurgical industry, employee safety will always come first. The Hot Box Mover has set a milestone and showed that innovations not only mean…

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We commissioned a new UNIDACHS 640 that was urgently needed at JSW Toranagallu on-line from the office in Kolkata..

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We have been running a photovoltaic system on the workshop roofs for years, which has recently been expanded. It now produces around 187 MWh of…

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Whether it's a steel mill, tunnel or mine - the UNIDACHS product family with its special excavators and telescopic booms offers you maximum performance in particularly challenging working conditions.

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For over 60 years we at TML Technik have been planning, developing and manufacturing special excavators and machines that prove themselves day after day under the toughest conditions. All of our machines are produced at our own production facility in Monheim am Rhein, near Cologne.

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Telescopic excavators and special machines for the toughest requirements in metallurgy, tunnelling, mining and construction - Proven. Innovative. Safe.

Successful tunnel renovation
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A hydraulic hammer weighing approx. 350 kg was used as an attachment.

A UNIDACHS 220 ensures maximum time savings

In metallurgy, the name UNIDACHS has been synonymous with the world's best and safest debricking machines for decades. The technology is also increasingly proving its value in mining and tunnelling.

Martigroup on behalf of SBB

Year 2021                      

Maroggia Tunnel on Lake Lugano in Switzerland

The challenge
The tunnel cross-section had to be extended in a very confined space while train traffic continued. Numerous works for anchoring the crossbeam in the ridge had to be carried out overhead - the use of a conventional articulated arm excavator was impossible.

Process optimization in steel plants
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Description of the process optimization in the steel plants

Thanks to the reliable and efficient TML machines, cleaning work can be carried out directly during the process by working at temperatures of up to 1,400°C. The skulls and scale in the ladles, converters and other vessels can be removeded more easily when they are hot, and the refractory material is protected by lower temperature fluctuations.

The Prototype in a practical field trial
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Report on the practical field test of the prototype

The prototype of the HOT BOX MOVER has recently been ready for use and is completing the first practical tests in a steel plant in Luxembourg. It transports the HOT BOX - the container that receives the hot slag - from the furnace to the slag bed. When longer distances have to be covered, the HOT BOX MOVER takes the container to an intermediate dropping area  where a terminal tractor takes over. This means a massive increase in work safety, because the driver controls the machine with radio remote controls from a safe distance. The machine can be precisely controlled thank the electro-hydraulic drive.

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