Demolition robots and machines for the construction industry

The best choice for difficult demolition work

UNIDACHS 110 in the demolating industry.

UNIDACHS 110 in the demolition industry.

Built for the most extreme applications

Whether industrial complexes or building sites - demolition projects require an optimal interaction of man and machine. Time and time again it happens that conventional demolition excavators and demolition robots cannot or can only with difficulty reach the work site due to their design and thus valuable time is lost. With our UNIDACHS telescopic excavators and demolition machines, you can decisively extend the reach and operating height for selective demolition of structural facilities. This saves you costs and can increase your productivity in your demolition project.

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Telescopic booms for more freedom and flexibility

Our UNIDACHS product family is made for efficiently carrying out demolition work on objects with restricted access. The telescopic boom, which can be rotated 360° indefinitely, works precisely and reliably at all times, even in confined spaces. Since our machines are designed as multi-functional equipment for the toughest requirements, a wide range of possible attachments is available to carry out a variety of jobs: including hydraulic and pneumatic hammers, gripping tools, shears, cutters and various types of buckets. In addition to demolition and wrecking, our machines have also proven themselves in the construction industry in efficiently pulling slopes and trenches with their telescopic booms.

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A Unidachs while pulling a slope

A Unidachs while pulling a slope

UNIDACHS 8 series in the demolating industry.

UNIDACHS 8 series in the demolition industry.

Quality and safety always go hand in hand

Workers and machines are naturally exposed to numerous risks during demolition work, such as falling debris or collapsing walls. We at TML ensure that people and technology are protected in the best possible way with innovative safety technology on every UNIDACHS:

  • Radio remote controls available for maximum safety for workers on site.
  • Telescopic cylinders and hydraulic hoses are protected inside the closed off boom against rock fall etc.
  • Extensive equipment: LED lighting package, radio remote controls, crawler or wheel undercarriages, a variety of possible attachments

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Shaft sinking
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Excavating shafts up to 25m deep

Successful operations at Hochtief AG: When excavating shafts, the TML telescopic booms, which reach up to 25 m deep vertically into the ground, prove their worth. In contrast to cable excavators, they deliver hydraulic power directly to the attachment tool. This way, each bucket is optimally filled; even working in solid ground is possible.

Track and slope work
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Track and embankment work in confined spaces

Working in the track area under high-voltage lines has always been dangerous. Even though standard hydraulic excavators now have appropriate safety systems for track work under high-voltage lines - the range of movement with the articulated boom is restricted. Hartung Bau relies on the UNIDACHS for track and embankment work under high-voltage lines. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the kinematics of its telescopic boom, it is particularly suitable for excavating and digging in confined spaces, for example under power lines or under bridges. 

Railway and road construction
Heavy-duty work in concrete and rock

There are many tasks for which excavators with a 360-degree rotating telescopic boom are used. Ulrich Imboden AG in the Swiss Valais chose a hydraulic excavator with a TML telescopic arm for precisely this reason. The removal of a 280 m long retaining wall, the chiselling of an 8 m wide roadway on the Simplon pass over a length of 900 m up to 80 cm deep in concrete and rock, the chiselling of the tunnel profile during the extension of the Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon railway (BLS) - Ulrich Imboden AG has been able to successfully implement a wide variety of projects in railway construction, road construction as well as demolition with the help of the rotating TML telescopic boom.

The UNIDACHS in the demolition and construction industry - the strengths at a glance

Demolition work

  • A wide range of applications in demolition in the selective dismantling of structures    
  • The kinematics of the telescopic boom enables problem-free work above the machine and in confined spaces, e.g. inside buildings    
  • The remote control enables you to work at a safe distance from the danger area 


  • Excavation works at limited heights, e.g. under bridges or power lines, thanks to the kinematics of the telescopic boom      
  • Accessibility of workplaces, which standard excavators and demolition robots cannot reach 
  • Carrying out work that requires linear movement, for example when pulling embankments or ditches

The UNIDACHS product family



Operating weight:
approx. 3 200 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 4.6 m
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Operating weight:
approx. 5 300 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 6 m
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Operating weight:
approx. 9 500 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 6.5 m
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Unidachs 4er Serie freigestellt


Operating weight:
approx. 17 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 9 m
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Operating weight:
approx. 21 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 9 m
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Operating weight:
approx. 30 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on the tool): approx. 10.5 m
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Operating weight:
approx. 33 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 12 m
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Operating weight:
approx. 42 000 kg
Boom rotation: 360°
Reach (depending on tool): approx. 16.0 m
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