1 Series

The solution for the toughest requirements in the tightest spaces 


The solution for the toughest requirements in the tightest spaces

The UNIDACHS 1 Series with an operating weight of approx. 3 200 kg impresses with its versatility and offers diverse application possibilities for the toughest requirements. Thanks to its compact dimensions and very good manoeuvrability, it is the ideal multifunctional machine for confined and difficult-to-access work sites. Despite its compact size, the UNIDACHS 1 Series is robust enough to reliably and powerfully master challenges under the most extreme conditions.

The advantages of the 1 Series at a glance: 

Technical data

General data
Total weight: approx. 3 200 kg 
Max. reach: 5 000 mm

Driving speed crawler: 2.9 km/h
Gradeability: 50%

Rotation: 360°
Rotation speed: 0 - 3.5 min-1

Diesel drive
Power: 18.5 kW

Electric drive (alternative)
Power: 22 kW

Boom unit
Articulated boom: 2-stage
Rotation: 360° continuous rotation
Rotation speed: 0 - 5 min-1

Hydraulic system
Pump pressure: 250 bar

Driver's cab: –
Remote controls: Standard

Application areas of the machine


Blast furnace

  • Breaking out and cleaning the runners

More about the blast furnace

Electric arc furnace

  • Debricking, stoking and cleaning

More about the electric arc furnace

Ladle shop

  • Cleaning
  • Porous plug removal
  • Debricking

More about the ladle shop


  • Scaling of ridges, calottes and elms, use in gangue mining
  • Working in extremely confined spaces and under the most difficult conditions

More about mining

Tunnel and gallery construction

  • Tunnel maintenance / tunnel renovation / tunnel extension
  • Creation of crosscuts and caverns
  • Cutting and profiling of tunnel cross-sections
  • Tunnelling

  More about tunnel construction

​​​​​​​Demolition and construction industry

  • Demolition work
  • ​​​​​​​Digging and excavation work

More about the demolition and construction industry

Hydraulic hammer
[Translate to English:] Grafik Hydraulikhammer in rot mit weißer Outline
Hydraulic hammer

Application Metallurgy
Hydraulic hammers are used for breaking refractory materials and linings in e.g. converters, ladles, electric furnaces and blast furnace runners in mainly colder condition.

Use in mining/tunnelling/demolition
Use for scaling in underground mining operations and for breaking out material when enlarging tunnel cross-sections, tunnel rehabilitation and the construction of caverns and cross-cuts.


  • Use in temperature ranges up to 250°C due to additionally modified steelworks version.
  • Additional equipment available to reduce dust exposure when working underground and in tunnels
  • Can be attached directly to the ripper hook or telescopic boom

Rotray drum cutter
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Rotray drum cutter

Application Metallurgy
The hydraulically operated drum cutters are used to remove refractory material in blast furnace runners and to profile monolithic refractories.

Use in mining/tunnelling/demolition/construction industry
Used for underground mining work as well as for cutting out material when enlarging tunnel cross-sections, tunnel renovation and the construction of caverns and cross-cuts.

The cutter is equipped with wear-resistant, replaceable cutter teeth.


  • Precise work
  • Can be attached directly to the ripper hook or telescopic boom

[Translate to English:] Grafik Tieflöffel in rot mit weißer Outline

Application construction industry:
Buckets pick up loosened or loose material, they are suitable for excavation work at depth, e.g. for pits or trenches, available in various sizes with or without teeth.


  • Can be attached directly to the telescopic boom or via quick couplerVarious versions.


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