UNIDACHS at one of the world’s largest converters

The UNIDACHS … A key component for optimizing the process

With a capacity of 360 mt each, the converters at the Azovstal Iron & Steel Works in Mariupol / Ukraine are among the largest in the world. Nothing that would put off a UNIDACHS.

The Metinvest Group completed an extensive investment program to optimize their production at the Azovstal Iron & Steel Works in Mariupol Illich.
One important element was a new UNIDACHS 850. With an electric drive, a telescopic stroke of 5,000 mm and a reach of up to 16 m, it is one of the largest in our delivery range.

TML … what else

Vladimir Puchkov, the managing director of our Ukrainian branch, has known the plant for many years: “The new converter debricking machine UNIDACHS 850, is already the third machine that we have delivered to Mariupol.
My contacts at the factory have confirmed to me that because of the high performance and the reliability of the UNIDACHS, which has been proven time and time again over the years, no other machine came into question.“

[Translate to English:] Unidachs mit Hub von 5.000 mm

Low energy comsumption and environmentally friendly

The new machine has an electro-hydraulic drive that meets high requirements for low energy consumption. Due to the large distance to the converter mouth, the machine operator can start debricking the vessel from his air-conditioned cabin before the converter has completely cooled down. That saves time and money. We have also adapted it to the special requirements of the steel plant, among other things with customized operator training.

One machine … three attachments

The new UNIDACHS is equipped with three interchangeable working attachments. The ripper hook is used daily to remove slag skulls from the converter mouth. The tap hole drill removes the worn out tap hole sleeve and when the refractory lining needs to be completely renewed, the air hammer is used to tear out the worn converter working lining.

Praise from the Managing Director

We translated the gist of a statement by the General Director of the plant, Enver Tskitishvili, from the Ukrainian press:

“The new debricking machine is one of the most particularly important components of our multi-million euro investment program. In terms of power and speed, it fully meets the new requirements of the modernized, now much more higher performance converter. In this way, it ensures the efficient operation of the entire technological process, which makes a decisive contribution to the high quality of our end products. In the purchase decision, not only the high performance, but also the reliability and environmental friendliness of the new machine played an important role.”

Enver Tskitischwili
Azovstal Iron & Steel Works

Addendum TML in May 2022

"We are shocked by the Russian attacks on Ukraine and especially on the plant of our customer Azovstal. Now the news has reached us that the people who had sought refuge in the plant were still able to empty the tank of the UNIDACHS shortly before the complete destruction of the converter hall. They used the diesel fuel to run a generator for some time longer. We hope that this has at least eased your hardship a little."


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