On the hot track: Hot Box Mover ensures safe slag transportation

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In the metallurgical industry, handling liquid slag is a demanding undertaking - dangerous, but unavoidable

Till date, the glowing, liquid slag from electric furnaces, ladles or converters has been collected in slag pots, which are then transported away using slag pot carriers or wagons. In some electric steel plants, the slag is poured directly onto the ground, picked up and transported away with cumbersome wheel or tracked loaders. Both of this hazardous methods frequently result in accidents and machinery damage, especially when working within confined spaces.

Subsequently, the scorching slag is conveyed to a slag bed and dumped on the ground while still in a highly fluid or partially cooled state. This method not only poses threats to safety but also bears environmental consequences. Furthermore, this technique engenders the formation of sizeable so-called skulls made of steel mixed with slag, which are very difficult to break up, by drop balling or with an oxygen lance - an extremely dangerous work process that ties up resources. This makes recycling considerably more difficult and leads to inefficient recovery in this state.

The result: mountains of skulls remain on the steel plants premises, silent witnesses to an imperfect recycling cycle. - That could soon be a thing of the past.

Mountains of slag lumps, skulls remain on the steel plants premises
Hot Box Mover with the Hot Box

The Hot Box Mover revolutionizes the workspace and sets new standards for safety and efficiency

Together with our partner Alliance Green Services (AGS), we have developed a pioneering solution that makes all slag logistics safer and more efficient. The Hot Box Mover plays the leading role and is in preparation to revolutionize the world of slag logistics.

In short, the traditional round-shaped slag pots have been replaced by rectangular hot boxes and the risky processes of person-operated slag pot carriers with a remote-controlled, tracked Hot Box Mover.

A real game changer!

HBM positions the hot box under the furnace with remote control

The hot boxes are remotely controlled and driven precisely into the dangerous working area. Problems with narrow paths and tight corners are a thing of the past because the Hot Box Mover masters this challenge effortlessly, also because it can turn on the spot.

The operation is controlled from a safe distance and, thanks to the possibility of using different viewing angles, is also very precise in tight spaces, while the operator always has full control through the camera display on the remote control.

Filling the Hot Box with hot slag

Hot Box filled with liquid slag leaving the steel plant

Once brought to the place of use, the Hot Box Mover lowers the box, which can safely collect the liquid slag.

The entire maneuver is done from a safe distance; the operator is far from any danger.





Once the box is full, it is just as safely maneuvered out of the danger area and taken to the safe area to cool down. The HBM then picks up another empty hot box and prepares it for the next filling - a smooth and efficient process.

Hot boxes at a cooling location

The tipping device empties the Hot Box

Another Hot Box Mover picks up a box that has already cooled down and brings it to a special tipping device,






...which automatically empties the solid contents of the container.

The Hot Box: New dimensions of efficiency with integrated cool-down effect

The hot box has several key advantages over conventional slag pots:

A major advantage is the geometry and the resulting significantly larger surface area of ​​the hot box, which means that boiling over is almost impossible.

The large surface also accelerates the setting of foamy slag, which increases worker safety and significantly minimizes the risk of injury and damage.

In addition, the Hot Box is lined with a durable refractory material, giving it another ingenious and novel benefit: the ability to cool the slag inside the vessel. The metal particles sink to the bottom and solidify into a thin, rectangular layer instead of the metal skulls we see in traditional slag pots.

Since the slag does not come into direct contact with the metal of the vessel in the hot box, sticking and erosion is prevented, which in the conventional slag pot process has regularly led to a firm connection of the metal skulls to the pot, then requiring cumbersome, delicate welding work.

Hot box lined with refractory material

Clean Flat Steel From Dis-Charging, Liquid Slag and Steel separate and form Independent layers

Rectangular flat slag plates from the Hot Box

The remaining material of the slag block after use of the free-fall weight

The resulting metal slabs can be easily broken up and returned directly to the smelting process, creating a cycle with significantly less metal and slag waste.

Compared to cutting the skulls with an oxygen lance, which is time-consuming and dangerous, this represents a huge saving in time and money, while fewer pollutants are released.

The following Hot Box Key Concepts have been extensively tested and validated by AGS:

  • The slag can be poured into the Hot Box from several ladles
  • Cooling of the hot slag in the Hot Box is possible, avoiding reaction with the ground and the resulting emissions
  • Improved separation of metal and slag clearly visible
  • Liquid slag and metal solidifies in rectangular, flat plates
  • Complete elimination of the cutting process with an oxygen lance
Hot Box Mover in the Steel Plant, on its way to the furnace

New era of workplace safety in the metallurgical industry

The introduction of the Hot Box Mover has raised work safety in the metallurgical industry to a whole new level. Accidents and injuries can now be a thing of the past while process efficiency and profitability are dramatically improved. This innovation represents a milestone for the entire industry and underscores our unwavering commitment to safety in the steel and metallurgical industry.

Working closely with our partner AGS has helped the Hot Box Mover now pave the way for a promising future of slag logistics. The alliance of innovation and partnership has not only improved the transportation process, but also created a shining example of how safety can go hand in hand with efficiency and environmental protection.

In the metallurgical industry, employee safety will always come first. The Hot Box Mover has set a milestone and showed that innovations not only mean technological progress, but can also contribute to the well-being of peoples health and saftey. We are proud to have made a contribution to safer metallurgy with the Hot Box Mover and will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible to lead the industry into an even safer future.

The autonomous driving of the HotBoxMover is the next step.

It remains an exciting project! We will report regularly on our progress and latest developments.

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