Why is the UNIDACHS called UNIDACHS?

Strong, agile, persistent

The German word Dachs means Badger, these are known for digging long underground passages and for being very manoeuvrable due to their compact build and low “height”. This is how the name UNIDACHS came about: The Wieger company, the predecessor of today’s TML Technik, manufactured belt conveyor systems for lignite opencast mining in the past century.

The specialists at Wieger were repeatedly asked how the cleaning process on and under the belts could be improved with particularly compact machines.

Then in 1959 they developed the prototype of the UNIDACHS with its unique telescopic boom and the resulting low overall height with a long reach. Like a badger, it dug and leveled under the conveyor belts. And since it should also be used universally in other industries with different attachments, Wieger added the “UNI” without further ado.

At the end of the 1960s, the steel industry became aware of the telescopic rotary boom technology and the Unidachs became even more universal, even more robust and even stronger. Since then it has become an integral part of the metallurgical industry.

And in the mid-1970s, the badger returned to its original habitat: The robust and powerful machines are also used for underground tunneling.

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Contemporary Witness

Kurt Horn started working with Wieger Maschinenbau in 1980, was a valued TML employee at TML from 1994 to 2019 and is now enjoying his retirement.

„In the lignite opencast mine it was a comparatively comfortable working area. The applications in the metallurgical industry presented us with challenges, especially with the high temperatures. But obviously, we mastered the challenge, because today more than 700 UNIDACHSE are working in the metallurgical industry worldwide.“

Kurt Horn
Contemporary Witness

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